About Us

TutorTown.sg is an education center specializing in MOE-syllabus Mathematics and Science. Established by Master Coach Kumar, we aim to provide quality and holistic education to Primary and Secondary students. We offer Mathematics and Science coaching for upper primary level and Elementary Mathematics, Additional Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry coaching for secondary level.

With Mathematics and Science being our only focus, we do it right and we do it well. Our team is constantly looking to improve and update our teaching materials and methods to best prepare our students for the challenges they will face through their learning journey. Modern methods of teaching and coaching are employed to ensure that students have an enriching and enjoyable learning experience.

Master Coach Kumar

Kumar has always had a passion for teaching, inspiring and guiding our younger generation. He is a huge believer in seeing the best in every student and tailoring a teaching program that addresses their unique learning needs and leverages their strengths. Over close to 30 years of teaching, Kumar has built a stellar reputation for always putting his students first, building up their confidence levels and helping them achieve exceptional results. Despite his vast experience and success, his commitment to lifelong learning ensures he stays connected with the latest curriculum and learning needs of his students.

Kumar’s experience in teaching and coaching students across various educational institutions in Singapore, China, India and Indonesia has taught him that every child is unique and with the right guidance, they will be able to reach their true potential and succeed, not just academically but also in life. This was the inspiration behind setting up TutorTown.sg where he is committed to providing specialised coaching which is accessible to all – because every child deserves the best.