The current approach to learning mathematics in Singapore primary schools is through the mathematics model method. Under this approach, students are required to draw mathematics models that illustrate the questions and use the model to solve the question. This is often an area where students face the most difficulty as they transition from lower to upper primary.

About MasterModels

MasterModels was created to address this very issue and to make learning the key components of maths modelling as easy as possible. The highly interactive software was designed with the student in mind and will equip them with the required skills and techniques to solve complex problems by using mathematical models. The fun and interactive approach to teaching this key skill will allow students to easily grasps the various modelling concepts and build their confidence level to tackle similar questions during their examinations.

How it Works

Students are presented with a problem sum and a toolbox. The toolbox contains the blocks that are required for model building. Students will then attempt to draw the model using what’s provided in the toolbox. As the model is being built, the checker that has been built into the software keeps track of the student’s progress. It prompts the student when a mistake has been made and the student will be asked to try again until finally the correct model has been built. Hints have also been built in to help the student along as he tackles each problem. Worked out solutions are provided as a self check system too.

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